Can You Hear Our Irritation Now?!

…Oh Man What A What Feeling

Cell Phone IrritationDid you ever wonder why cell phone Carriers vary so widely not just in the hardware they offer but in their services and plans? Seems like every other day, each of the major Carriers introduce some new plan, Service, Cell Phone, or PR Campaign. There are hundreds of options out there, and we as consumers can get quickly overwhelmed (regardless of whether we’re tech savvy or not).

I’m not going to waste anyone’s time trying to promote or berate one Cell Phone Company over another, because everyone has their qualms or praises for their current Carrier. What I am going to talk about is how great it would be if we could have:

  • What we want, when we want it, the way we want it…oh, and let’s not forget at the lowest price possible (if free isn’t available).

Cell Phone IrritationMany of us (depending on who our Carrier is), may have plans or phones that are exclusive to our Cell Phone Company. In some cases the same exact phone model can have different features available to people, with each company enabling or disabling features. AT&T has the well-known exclusivity contract for the Apple iPhone, which forces many mobile enthusiasts into possibly higher rate plans.

Verizon was notorious for disabling features on phones that many other Carriers freely enable when they sell or ship it to you. As I said earlier I’m not going to re-list many of the good and bad features of each Carrier, since we already know they’re not all perfect, and each has their own set of fanboys and naysayers (so to speak).

Cell Phone IrritationMany times they’re plans available within each Carrier, that has features we do or do not want. We may see 3 out of 5 features of that plan that we like, and the others we could care less for. We then see our friends or family have 1 or 2 features on their plan that we’d love to have…feeling that we’d have the perfect plan if we could combine the two.

This is called an Ad-Hoc system. You may have heard of this feature used before on other service platforms. It’s where you have a system in place that allows you to build the plan you want, with the features you seek (think of it like an à la carte type setup).

How great would it be to have an Unlimited Plan (both Voice and Data), with the most coverage at the lowest price?!

Even if you don’t want/need all of those capabilities, we should have the ability to chose the services or products we want from the major Cell Phone providers. Very few of the major Carriers offer this in abundance, and they rarely let it be known publicly. Many times choosing instead to try and push “pre-bundled” plans on us, or try and get us to commit to long-term contracts. Some of the minor, more regional or local Carriers may offer these à la carte plans more…but how does that benefit the general populace?

Bright IdeaIt would be beneficial for the entire Cell Phone industry (and it’s customers), if they were progressive and introduced more creative and feature rich plans that can be tailored made or adapted to their individual customer and clientele needs. Instead of just rolling out general “clone-type” plans that only meet the needs of their users half-way.

The Movie and Music Industries have caught-on that On-Demand Services and Products are the future, how long until the Cell Phone Carriers catch on fully?


~ by paradisereason on September 2, 2009.

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