Apple Event Debuting Latest iPods, iTouch

…Steve Jobs To Make An Appearance?

2009 Apple EventOn September 9th beginning at 10:00 a.m, Apple will be hosting a special “event” for Industry Media and Technology Analysts in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Here is where they’re set to unveil a new line of iPods and iTouch (the new name for the iPhone relative: iPod Touch). Also set to make its debut there is the newest version of the iTunes Music Store Software: iTunes 9.

What’s uncertain is whether head-honcho CEO Steve Jobs will don the event with his always charismatic presence. If he does make an appearance, it would be his first Apple Event (and public appearance), since taking his medical leave in January.

His last appearance at an Apple event being October, 2008. He returned from a 6-month medical leave in June where he underwent a liver transplant. If Jobs is a no show, marketing chief Phil Schiller, may head the event.

Don’t expect any major product announcements, like the rumored Apple Tablet, but rather a lot of upgrades to their existing product lines. The iPod Nano and Touch are widely expected to each get built-in digital cameras. On top of that, the iPod Touch may also get a video camera.

2009 Apple Event 2They’re updating the existing lines mainly because fewer people are buying the other Apple iPods (like the Nano or iTouch). Consumers feel they can get the same features with the more advanced iPhone. Apple partly blamed an 11% decline in iPod revenues on “cannibalization” from the iPhone. Apple likely hopes to curb that somewhat with these improvements.

Who knows, perhaps when the Apple Tablet debuts sometime in the near future (maybe 2010 or 2011), the iPhone will experience a similar style drop in sales. The image above is an invite that was sent out announcing the upcoming event.


~ by paradisereason on September 5, 2009.

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