Rhapsody Music Coming To The iPhone

Apple makes Surprising App Approval for iTunes Store

Rhapsody LogoApple has approved RealNetwork’s Music Service App: Rhapsody, for it’s iTunes Store. The service opens up access to a catalog of approximately 8 million songs to iPhone and iPod users alike.

Users of the Apps’ service will be able to cue up their favorite songs and create custom playlists, streaming them live to your phone, as long as it has a signal or is in a Wi-Fi spot. Before, you would have to use the less feature-rich “Rhapsody To Go” App and load the music from your PC onto your phone. Something that can become pretty cumbersome.

Rhapsody iPhone App ScreenshotThe Rhapsody App itself is free to download, and for now has a 7-day trial. Beyond that, users will have to pay $14.99 per month for the unlimited subscription based music service. Old “Rhapsody To Go” users won’t have to pay extra to use the new App, and can continue their service without hitch.

RealNetworks will re-add offline listening to their App in an upcoming future version of this new App. The upgrade will feature Over-The-Air (OTA) downloading and storing for later listening, bypassing the old need for a PC to do so.

Rhapsody Artists LibraryThis would be the first time Apple has allowed another Music Subscription Service like this on its iTunes Network and related devices. If you really like a particular song, Rhapsody will allow you to purchase it from iTunes, where both Apple and RealNetworks will share in sale revenues. The songs stream at a quality that will prevent far less interruptions, while still allowing you to hear at a level suitable for most mobile phones.


~ by paradisereason on September 11, 2009.

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