NCIS: Los Angeles Premieres!

New Cast. New Coast. Same Old Winning Formula?!

NCIS Los AngelesLast night was the debut of NCIS: Los Angeles, the NCIS spinoff starring Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. If you recall, NCIS itself was a spinoff of longtime series J.A.G. All three of which are the brainchild of Donald Bellisario, and deal in some form or another with the Armed Services Legal and Justice System, governed by the U.C.M.J.

CBS plans to pair both NCIS shows together on Tuesday nights in the 8 PM EST time-slot (NCIS), and 9 PM EST time-slot (NCIS: LA). This is a wise move, since it’ll allow the new cast of NCIS: LA to gain a following with less pressure using their parent show as a lead-in. As both shows progress through the Season, they’ll be able to feed off the same viewership demographics, something that should make securing advertising dollars from Commercials somewhat easier.

Now that all of the basic background info is out of the way, let’s get into the actual premiere.

The show starts off with a high-speed OJ-esque chase between cops and an SUV. They manage to get the SUV off the highway and cornered, where they forced two suspects in the front seats to slowly exit. The driver, having one of his hands hidden in the vehicle, reaches for his automatic weapon opening fire on the cops who have them surrounded. The second suspect also does the same, and both gunmen are killed in the resulting fire-fight.

NCIS Los AngelesThe cops approach the bullet-ridden vehicle to search it. They see a uniformed Naval Officer (who we later find out is part of Naval Intelligence), dead in the backseat from apparent gun-shot wounds (which we are lead to believe resulted from the crossfire).

We then cut to a scene where lead actor Chris O’Donnell’s character “G. Callen” is staring through the window of his hotel room, recalling the events of the day in which he was shot in a public plaza. It appears they were ambushed, as his partner frantically calls for backup while administering make-shift medical aide.

All of this happens within the show’s first 5 minutes, after which LL Cool J (Callen’s partner), and the rest of the Team make their debut. It definitely possessed more oomph to it than the original NCIS debut. Some questions to ask yourself right off the bat:

  • Was the Naval Officer a hostage, or a traitor?
  • Did the friendly-fire from the cops during the shootout kill the Naval Officer?
  • Who were the gunmen in the SUV?
  • Who tried to kill Callen, and will they attempt it again?

I won’t reveal more and risk spoiling it for you. So if you missed the premiere last night, head on over to Hulu or CBS, and re-watch it.

I’ll tell you my opinions on the first episode tomorrow after you’ve had a chance to see it yourself. So be sure to check back then, and we’ll compare notes 🙂 .

UPDATE: The Episode Guide for Season 1 Episode 1 is now up, along with my personal take on the episode. You can read it here for the NCIS: Los Angeles Episode “Identity”.


~ by paradisereason on September 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “NCIS: Los Angeles Premieres!”

  1. Thanks for not spoiling – I TiVo’d it and haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. (And I may not for a few days, the in-laws are visiting) I was reading this post very cautiously hoping to avert my eyes if I came across any spoilers. Looking forward to seeing it myself. But I’ll be very interested to see what you thought. I promise to check back as soon as I’ve been able to see it.

  2. Hey “Jane”, thanks for stopping by! 😀

    Yeah I was tempted to do just one lengthy post, but I figured since it was a premiere, it was better for my readers and fans of the show’s predecessor NCIS, to split this article in two.

    Thanks. I’ll have my opinions of the first episode (and in the future the subsequent episodes) up tomorrow, and feel free to read it whenever you’re free and have seen the episode. Look forward to your own comments an opinions in tracking the show as well. Have an awesome day!

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