NCIS Los Angeles Season 1 Episode 2: The Only Easy Day

Episode 1×02

NCIS Los AngelesAs the team is working the murder of a drug dealer who turned out to be an undercover cop, the case ends up being personal for one of the team members.

ORIGINAL U.S. AIR DATE – September 29, 2009
WRITTEN BY – R. Scott Gemmill
DIRECTED BY – Terrence O’Hara
STARRING – Linda Hunt (Henrietta “Hetty” Lange), LL Cool J (Agent Sam Hanna), Chris O’Donnell (NCIS Special Agent G. Callen), Peter Cambor Operational (Psychologist Nate Getz), Daniela Ruah (Agent Kensi Blye), Adam Jamal Craig (Agent Dominic Vail), Barrett Foa (Tech Operator Eric Beal)
GUEST STARRING – Kathleen Rose Perkins (Rose), Rodney Rowland (LAPD Detective Douglas Grozen), Seidy Lopez (Gail Ramirez), Brian Gross (Morris Raspen), Kinga Philipps (Heather), Whitney Anderson (Waitress), Matt Battaglia (SEAL Kurt Holgate), Albert Garcia (LAPD Detective Mekowitz), Barry W. Levy (Sheriff)

NCIS LA 1x02aThe shows opens at a beach house overlooking the ocean, and what appears to be a drug deal going down within the house. Three men emerge from the ocean and stealthily infiltrate the house, taking down two guards before they are discovered. In the ensuing shootout another dealer is shot. One of the infiltrators is shot as they escape with the case of money back into the waters.

Back at NCIS: LA Operations Center, Sam is training newer Agent Dominic in successful disarming techniques. The Team is briefed on the earlier incident, and from the surveillance footage Sam recognizes the infiltrators as fellow Navy SEALs (including the team leader whom Sam trained: Kurt Holgate). After briefly meeting Colgate at a government building, they later find out one of the three SEALs from the raid is missing.

Nate learns that one of the two victims was an undercover LAPD Officer. Later that day, the local County Sheriff’s Office discover the body of the missing SEAL (Jackson), washed up on the shore with the same gun-shot wound we witnessed at the start of the episode. Back at base-camp, they’re briefed that the other member of the SEAL team (Raspen) has gone into hiding, and the money is still at large.

NCIS LA 1x02bWhile on a stakeout, Dominic and Kensi lose Holgate, but Sam and Callen are able to find Raspen at a motel, and after a chase and standoff at gunpoint, they bring him in for interrogation. Callen is getting nowhere with Raspen, so Sam heads back to the crime scene to find more info. He finds the fallen LAPD Officer’s partner, and lets the Team know that there were two undercover Officers there, not one.

They get a shock when Raspen finally relents and tells them that the SEALs didn’t shoot the Officer, and that it was the other undercover partner that did it when his back was turned. Sam comes in to get the truth out of Raspen (SEAL to SEAL), on where Holgate is holding up. They set a trap for the cop where Holgate will lead the cop to the money, and have a hidden cam on him to record the bust as evidence for LAPD.

NCIS LA 1x02cHolgate leads them to a golf course where Callen is posing as Raspen. The cop’s man is hiding in the distance with his sniper rifle locked onto Callen. After they exchange the money, the sniper is taken out by Kensi and Dominic. This alerts the cop who opens fire on Callen and Holgate (hitting Holgate). Sam appears out of the golf course’s pond and takes out the cop. They tend to Holgate’s wounds, and secure the scene. It’s here that Sam utters the famous SEAL motto to Holgate (and the episode’s title): “The Only Good Day Is…Yesterday.”

The show ends with Callen and Sam back at HQ, talking about the SEAL team, and indirectly comparing their partnership to that of the SEAL brotherhood…implying that they will always have each others backs and trust.

MY TAKE: One thing that’s becomming more apparent with each episode is that Agent Kensi is this NCIS’ version of Agent Ziva (or Kate for earlier fans). Agent Dominic could be this show’s version of McGee, while Tech Operator Eric Beal could be Abby. Sam looks like he’s taking on the leader role of Gibbs (who was also an Armed Services vet), more and more in each Episode, while Callen could be seen as the DiNozzo type.

The humor has definitely picked up from the first episode, and flows much more smoothly (like the original NCIS). One funny scene where Kensi has to pretend on the fly to be a jealous girlfriend so her cover isn’t blown, ends up keying a parked car which she’ll have to pay for later.

NCIS LA 1x02dSam and Callen also continue to build upon their excellent chemistry and improve on the jokes they feed off each other with. There are a few good bonding scenes between them throughout the episode (including the one at the beach after discovering Jackson’s body). Also, Hetty mentors Sam and Dominic well while they’re boxing, especially when she tells Sam that he’s more than a SEAL or NCIS Agent.


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