Welcome To My “About Me” Page!

Hey WordPress digizens, I’ve decided to re-enter the blogging scene.. I’ll tell you a little about myself (don’t worry, I won’t be too boring…and even if I am, the exits are locked so you’re stuck with me). I’m interested in everything. That doesn’t mean I’m all over the place, it just means that I like to learn and try not to be biased about things I don’t yet understand.

I try not to judge a certain genre just because it seems different, but I also don’t commit to a certain genre because I like a few of its elements.

Music, Movies & TV: I do follow some artists, but for the most part, I tend to digg the song more. With TV shows, I hardly pay attention to the intended audience, focusing more on if I like it, and the show’s staying power (though some shows I’ll admit I won’t even give a chance if they’re totally out of interest-zone). As for Movies, I use the same philosophy: If I like it, I continue with it. This list can become too long, so later-on I’ll created a separate page and link my “Tops” in these categories, and link it here…so keep checking back! 😆

Enough about me. What you ask, can you expect from this blog?

Well, its topics will cover a wide range of things from Movies and Music to being “Green”, News, Tech, Life and maybe even the Political quip here and there (I’ll even remember to add a dash of salt and pepper too). I may cover things well known or something of the unknown. Or, I just may ramble on about something or another.

More than likely you’re here because of some search engine, or blogger-central alert let you know that I’m one of the newest you, crossing the invisible chasm that separates the reader from the writer. I used to have a few other blogs in the past but real-life began to take up more time over digital-life. So, with a more clearer mind, and a “pen” in hand, I welcome you to the doorsteps of blissful paradise, as we discuss some of the world’s topics. Come one, come all, and let the thoughts begin!

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One Response to “About”

  1. I added you to my blogroll and I am looking forward to future posts. Keep up the good work.

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